Importing or Wholesale License

Importing or wholesale license may be obtained by Nevada Department of Taxation. All questions reguarding importing or wholesaling should be directed to the Dept. of Taxation. Local governments may also require a local license for wholeselling. Local licensing agencies by county and city.

Carson City: (775) 684-2000 
Las Vegas: (702) 486-2300 
From out of state: 1-866-962-3707
Website:  Nevada Department of Taxation
Authority: NRS §369

General Information (PDF)

Retail Liquor License 
(For taverns, lounges, package sales stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.)

Retail liquor licenses are issued by the county or city where the establishment is located.
Counties – Authority: NRS 244.350
Cities – Authority: NRS 266.355-368 NRS 268.090
Licensing agencies by county and city.